August 8: day 1

“Physics and WE: lightning the optics” camp started on 8th of August. From the central building of Yerevan State University participants started their way to camp place-YSU’s rest house in Byurakan village. More than 200 students and schoolchildren were registered for camp and 40 of them were chosen to take part.

Ճանապարհ դեպի Բյուրական

The first day of the camp was dedicated to lectures of General Physics and its applications in different fields of sciences. First lecturer was Hayk Sargsyan, head of department of General Physics and Quantum Nanostructures in Russian-Armenian(Slavonic) University. He had lecture on “Concepts of Quantum Mechanics”. The lecture was mainly introductory, including historical introduction as well as concepts and applications.   

PhD student of University of Trento Tatevik Chalyan presented lecture “Geometrical Optics, lasers, waveguides”. The participants had opportunity to be integrated into interactive lecture, practicing with various waveguides and lasers.  Next lecture “Applications of Optics and lasers on military purposes” was held by Gagik Buniatyan, director of Greek-Armenian research, development and production company. Lecture included working principles of night vision equipment, rangefinder and other optical gadgets.

After break Smbat Gogyan, senior researcher in Institute of Mathematics, NAS of RA, had lecture on “Concepts and problems of GPS”.  Participants had informed about techniques involved in GPS connection, the ways of satellite distribution, problems and recent solutions of optimization.

The last lecture of the day was given by Tigran Dadalyan, researcher from Yerevan State University on topic “Some applications of liquid crystals”. Properties of liquid crystals and applications of these properties in different cutting-edge gadgets was introduced during lecture.

In the evening participants had free time to relax, play various sport and board games, such as voleyball, fotball, chess, mafia and tangle. Some important and noticeable moments from first day are shown below in slideshow.

Road to Byurakan