August 9: day 2

Second day of the camp was also concerned on lectures. Besides the lectures participants of the camp had sport activities and funny games as well as some of them swam in the pool. In the evening night sky observation was organized using two amateur telescopes.

Դասախոսության ժամանակ

ԱFirst lecturer was Ashkhen Arakelyan who presented methods applied on mobile communication, methods and principles  behind telecommunication in his lecture “Principles of mobile communication: GSM standard”.

ԱAfterwards senior researcher in Institute of Mathematics, NAS of RA Smbat Gogyan had lecture on “Development of Mathematics as a requirement of Physics”. During the lecture he presented historical overview of development of Mathematics, different concepts and applications of Mathematics in different fields.  

Second part of the day started Vahe Tshitoyan, PhD student from Cambridge University with lecture “From Magnetism to Spintronics” . Lecture was concerned on bases of Magnetism and its applications, bases of newly developing branch Spintronics and its applications in different fields and devices.

Afterwards, Arthur Kirakosyan-scientist from YSU-had lecture on “Introduction to Holography”. During the lecture he presented concepts of holography, historical overview and some of the applications of holography. At the end of the lecture demonstration of different types of holography took place strengthening knowledge of participants.

The last lecturer of the day was David Hayrapetyan-lecturer of Russian-Armenian(Slavonic) University. He presented lecture “What is nano?” representing nano-scales, properties of nano-materials and their applications. Then workshop on Wolfram Mathematica took place by the same lecturer-“Wolfram Mathematica and Physics”. Participants had opportunity to work with Wolfram language, apply it for solving several and modelling contemporary problems of Physics..

At the end of long, full of lectures and workshops day, night sky observation was organized. Participants had opportunity to observe the Moon, Mars, and several famous objects of night sky. Some important and noticeable moments from first day are shown below in slideshow.

Ashkhen Arakelyan