August 11: day 4

4th day of the camp took place visit to Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory-excursion and lectures by scientist of observatory, then participants had to finalize their group projects. At the end of the day special celebration of centennial “OSA-100” took place and campfire was set.
In Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory

After morning breakfast participants went to Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory, where they visited museum of famous scientist V. Hambardzumyan, biggest telescope of Armenia with 2.6m diameter of mirror. Throughout this excursion scientist of observatory Abraham Mahtesyan was presenting contemporary problems of astrophysics, their possible solutions and prospects of the science.

Afterwards director of BAO Hayk Harutyunyan had lecture on methods of observations and studies of objects out of solar system. He introduced scientific activities and topics of interests of BAO as well.  Tigran Maghakian, Deputy Director of BAO, added small historical overview to previous talk about BAO and Victor Hambardzumyan. The last lecturer was Ruben Andreasyan who represented radio-astrophysics, principles and objectives of the field.

After the lectures campers returned to YSU’s rest house. After small rest they continued their group projects to finalize before closing ceremony when they will need to represent their work.

In the evening egg drop competition was organized for participants. They were divided into 8 groups. All groups had the same task: using given materials defend the egg in the way it don’t crush after dropping from 2nd floor.  From participating 8 groups only 3 could cope with this exercise, though the competition brought fun not only winners, but the rest of participants and other guests of YSU’s guest house as well.

After the dinner celebration of OSA’s centennial took place. Organizers were prepared special cake on that purpose. OSA’s Armenian chapter’s president Vardan Avetisyan had talk, representing the event and opportunities given to students by OSA. After celebration campfire was set. Campers were singing, talking about boarders of universe, Physics and nature.  Night sky observation was also organized and participants had opportunity to enjoy Perseid prolific meteor shower, which was on its maximal active phase on that day. A small part of above mentioned event is demonstrated below in the video.

Visit to Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory