August 12, day 5

The last day of the camp-August 12-presentations of group projects and award ceremony took place. This fallowed the saddest moment of whole camp: return to Yerevan.
Launching of rocket

Right after breakfast campers were working on their projects and were trying to finalize. Before the presentation presigent of OSA’s Armenian chapter Vardan Avetisyan had a talk with closing remarks. He told about aims of OSA, publicizing science and necessity of making the education accessible for everyone. 

Afterwards presentations of group projects started by students and their supervisors. “CNC and 3D modelling and printing” group presented printed by them “OSA-100” logo then presented the hardware and software used by them throughout group project.

“Physics in Android applications” group presented an ANDROID application programmed by them. This application makes possible demonstration of movement of charged particle in electromagnetic field. They presented algorithms used by them as well.

Measuring equipment” group represented the gadget made by them for doing calculations. The gadget works connected with computer and makes possible using functions of computer during calculations. They also told about the ways of connecting their device to computer and making them work together. 

“Modeling of Physical Processes on Computer” group represented the problem of neutron scattering on heavy atoms modeled by their group using computer programs. They pointed out that the problem doesn’t have  known analytical solution, thus it is interesting for scientists.   They represented program packets and languages used by their group as well.

“Robotics” group represented the robot constructed and programmed by them. The robot was following line pictured on the floor. Participants mentioned that functionality of the robot is simple, though construction and programming it was difficult and they had to cope with different problems of engineering and programming, as well as study basic principles of Mechanics and Optics.

“Rocket engineering” group had the last presentation. Firstly they represented principles of work and structure of basic rockets. Then all participants of the camp had opportunity to observe launching of the rocket-in the sport field next to the building. After several minutes all participants were gathered there and waiting for the launch of the rocket: 3,2,1… Following video represents the process of launching and landing of the rocket.

At the end of the closing ceremony all participants were awarded by certificates and one participant from each group was awarded for best progress in camp. Additionally, some of organizers were awarded for valuable support to the camp.

The closing ceremony was last on the schedule of the camp. Camers returned their room keys, packet their luggage and took the way to Yerevan.  On the road organizers gave away “Lightning the Optics” experimental materials to all of the participants and explained principles of their work.

Final preparations